Friday, June 27, 2008


100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (!), though they didn't include Stephanie Zacharek from Salon, who didn't like it (she's like Roger Ebert in that she's a brilliant critic, but will occasionally muff a painfully obvious call, so I'm guessing the chorus is right on this one). Several of the reviewers reference Chaplin in describing the quality of the humor, and many of them say it's Pixar's best film ever. A better animated movie than Finding Nemo and The Incredibles? Wow.

I'm actually pretty excited about this movie.


Rene said...

also, check these out:

Rene said...

verdict is in, wall-e rocks.

saw in in a digital projection theater today, and the sound design/voice design and visuals were flat out amazing.

solid story too :)

el ranchero said...

We saw it at a conventional theater on Friday night, and yes, it's a great movie. A really great movie, in fact, even technical aspects aside. The technical stuff was pretty outstanding, though, especially how they slipped in a little of the familiar into a far off future, like the Mac opening sound. Another reader commented that the parsity of dialog in the movie might mean HUGE international appeal. Not to mention it's just really clever.