Saturday, September 10, 2005


I bet you Austinites are pretty excited about the big game today. Heck, I'm not even that big of a UT fan and I can't wait! This is great particularly for me as an Notre Dame fan, because the Longhorns have started playing the best midwestern teams (some of whom they've never before encountered) so it's a bit surreal to see the 'Horns up here. Here they are meeting the Buckeyes today, and I'm still reeling from that great Rose Bowl last season where they squeaked by the Michigan Wolverines. This is gonna be great!

Speaking of Wolverines... final score today: No. 3 Michigan 10, No. 20 Notre Dame 17.
Oooooooooh snap! Looks to me that the BCS seriously overrated the Wolves' offensive capabilities post-Braylon Edwards.

And of course, Tech's first game of the season against some no-name. Don't screw this up, guys. What's the story on Tech's team, by the way? Who's the QB now? Is he any good?


Chris said...

Tech is going to have a good year again. And there is a big possibility that it will be a 1 or 2 loss season. The QB is Cody Rodgers, another senior. The defense has more experience and is improving every year. The non-conference schedule is pretty disappointing, 3 no-names at home... But at least Tech will be undefeated when they come to Austin to play UT.

And I've gotten used to seeing UT all over the news, local stores, cars, etc. So I follow their games (somewhat to see if they lose ;) But this Ohio St game should be a good game that UT can win.

El Ranchero said...

Glad to hear Tech is looking good. Looks like they're mopping the floor with Miami Dade high school or whoever it is, and if you're right, then I can't wait to see them take on a struggling Oklahoma. So I guess the big question this season is, can they come to Austin and play ball?

We'll see. OH YES, we will see.

Aimee said...

Just a small correction, but the QB at Texas Tech is senior Cody Hodges not Cody Rodgers. Go Red Raiders!!!!!

El Ranchero said...

Uh oh, Tejas is in trouble-- down 3 at the half. Can they pull it off? I have my doubts; looks like the Suckeyes have figured Young out.

Texas Tech over Orlando Junior High 35-3.

Things looking doubly good for TTU.

El Ranchero said...

TTU- 4th quarter, 49-3 over Tallahassee Elementary School

Meanwhile, in Columbus things are not improving for the Longhorns: still trailing by 3, 16-19, and the linebackers are eating Young's lunch.

jenny said...

25-22 Texas