Thursday, September 15, 2005

Miss Condi! Miss Condi!

TioChuy points out this pic circulating around the blogosphere right now. It's Bush writing to Secretary Rice during the UN summit:

The Bush admirers on this blog will point out that this is probably normal protocol for officials sitting in these meetings: maybe ya can't just go when you want, you have to schedule breaks. And they're probably right. But that doesn't make this less funny.


El Ranchero said...

By the way, can you figure out who TioChuy is? If you Lubbockites listen to him closely enough, he has dropped some clues.

jenny said...

i was impressed with the politeness of the note.

TioChuy is easy to figure out, especially if you go to his blog:

TioChuy said...

I wonder if she wipes his tushy???

El Ranchero said...

Yeah, I tried to go to the blog but said it didn't exist. Go figure.