Sunday, September 18, 2005

a bittersweet football day

Despite working in Toledo, I was able to catch some football (and a bunch of highlights) on Saturday, and my day went almost unblemished. Almost.
The Irish (#10) went down in overtime to the Spartans of Michigan State, 44-41. For what it's worth, Michigan State has the best team they've had in years (watch out, Wolverines!) and the Irish went down fighting, posting a 21-point comeback in the 4th quarter to take it into overtime (and by the way, Spartans, planting your flag in the middle of our field? Really, have some class.).

On a brighter note, Texas crushed Rice and Tech absolutely flattened Sam Houston State 80-21. The one black mark on the Tech game, though, is those 21 points SHS posted on the Red Raider defense. I seriously hope that the Tech's D just didn't bother to bring their A-game, because Tech has proven over the last 2 seasons that even the best offense in the NCAA can't deliver a great season if the D isn't there to back them up. If Tech allowed 21 points from them, how many will they allow against the good teams?

But, of course, the brightest spot of Saturday came in sunny California, where the Sooners answered all our questions about whether or not their opening loss to TCU was just a fluke. They got horse-whipped by an unranked UCLA 41-24. So much for 3 championship bowl games in a row. I can't wait for the Red River shootout this year!

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TioChuy said...

Two boys are playing football at this park in Norman, Oklahoma when one of the boys is suddenly attacked by a crazed Rottweiler. Thinking quickly, the other boy takes a stick and shoves it under the dog's
collar, twists it, and breaks the dog's neck, thus saving his friend.
A sports reporter who was strolling by sees the incident and rushes over to interview the boy. He tells the boy he's going to write the story and says, "I'll title it, 'Young Sooner Fan Saves Friend From Vicious Animal.'"
"But I'm not a Sooner fan," the little hero replies.
"Sorry, since we're in Norman, I just assumed you were." says the
reporter and he starts writing again. He asks, "How does Cowboy Fan
Rescues Friend from Horrific Attack' sound?"
"I'm not a Cowboy fan, either," the boy says.
Oh, I thought everyone in Oklahoma was either for the Sooners or the
Cowboys. What team do you root for?" the reporter asks.

"I'm from Austin. I'm just visiting my cousin, I'm an Longhorn fan,"
the boy replies. "They're the best!"
The reporter smiles, starts a new sheet in his notebook, and
"Little Redneck Bastard From Texas Kills Beloved Family Pet."