Tuesday, May 01, 2007

and then there's Rick Perry

Yes, folks, I actually have more dumbf**k VA Tech comments for you this evening! From The Dallas Morning News (hat tip to Rene):
Texans who have concealed-weapon permits should be allowed to carry their guns anywhere in the state, including churches, courthouses and bars, Gov. Rick Perry said Monday.

Currently, state law prohibits concealed weapons in certain places, including private property where signs are posted disallowing the guns.

But after meetings with U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt about the rampage at Virginia Tech, Mr. Perry took issue with the idea of barring weapons from campuses.

"It's time for us to have that debate in Texas from the standpoint of whether or not a law-abiding citizen in the state of Texas can take their appropriately licensed and permitted weapon anywhere in this state, whether it's on a college campus or wherever," Mr. Perry said.

Leave it to the astute Gubbner Goodhair to decide that what the VA Tech shooting proves is that guns and alcohol don't mix enough.

In a very crowded field, this is possibly the dumbest application yet of what I'm going to call the "VA Tech" argument. The "VA Tech" argument is sorta like the "Roman Empire" argument, that is, the Roman Empire fell because of whatever you don't want other people to do, no matter how absurd.

Similarly, the VA Tech shooting shows definitively that your position on gun control, no matter how batshit f**king crazy, is the correct one.

Could you imagine being the professor of a class where every kid could potentially be packing heat? Or a high school class with kids who are 18? You still wanna flunk the "troubled" angry kid in the back of the class, looking as stressed out and frazzled as he does in his black trenchcoat? And what about you, judge? Still feel comfortable sentencing Joe Bob to prison, with his brother sitting in the back of the room near the exit, shooting daggers out of his eyes?

Of course, I guess that's better than having everyone paranoid enough to get a concealed carry permit drunk and armed at Deputy Dawg's Olde Tyme Saloon. Gawd, what a maroon!


Rene said...

Perry makes me very very nervous. He's presidential material.

el ranchero said...

If W hadn't run and Delay hadn't crashed and burned and Perry hadn't had such spectacular failures during his tenure, maybe, but I don't think the rest of the country will be taking any Texas Republican seriously for a very long time, even Mr. 30%.

grimsaburger said...

Maybe Goodhair and his ilk are simply suffering from an undisclosed obsession with frontierism. I'm guessing there's a good chance Goodhair spends most of his behind-doors office time watching Deadwood on his little personal DVD player nodding in satisfaction and muttering to himself, "Now there's the right idea... More guns and booze, less squareheads and dirt worshippers..." He just hasn't figured out how to work the whores in yet.

Rene said...

nah, he's just more overtly bought and paid for than most. His real ideals and morals were washed away long ago.

el ranchero said...

...in a really high-dollar conditioner.