Tuesday, May 15, 2007

RIP Jerry Falwell

Hopefully someday, when we're not quite at each other's throats as much anymore, someone will be able to make an honest and edifying assessment of Jerry Falwell's impact on this country, which, positive or negative, was certainly significant. Now, however, is a time of high emotion, and despite our opinions on the man (and said impact), should be the time when his family, friends, and followers mourn as they should, and the rest of us show a little class and leave them be. I don't care who the person was, it's cruel to innocent loved ones, as well as utterly tasteless, to say ugly things about a man who just passed on. If you don't have anything nice to say...

Oh, and don't go around dKos, that joint is a real cesspool right now. If there's anything I don't like about communication over the web, it's that it's made our hearts harder. We say things that are much harsher than what we'd actually say to someone in real life and react much more aggressively and pitilessly and vainly, probably because we just see a screen with letters on it instead of an actual person. Combine that with the extreme polarization that causes us to cast political differences as incorrigible moral failures, and you have a very toxic and inhuman atmosphere. Communication can't take place because of the barriers that don't allow us to connect in recognition of each other's goodness and validity as human beings. Whether Falwell himself had any part in the creation and maintenance of such an atmosphere is beside the point right now; the point is that, one day, we are going to have to get past this.

That, mon freres, is the message of Christ, and I suppose talking about Christ's message is the best place to start for that assessment.

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Anonymous said...

I just read this and think you're right on the mark.
Spouse of Grimsaburger