Thursday, May 03, 2007

"Proud Home of the Commander Guy"

From The Houston Chronicle:
Two years after writing a law requiring highway "Welcome to Texas" signs to tout the state as the home of President Bush, state Rep. Ken Paxton today passed a bill that will remove the designation once the 43rd president leaves office.

Paxton, R-McKinney, says after Bush is out of office he "didn't see any reason to leave his name" on the signs. HB 693 was passed on the local and consent calendar today and now goes to the Senate. It will require that if any Texans become president in the future, that favorite son or daughter will be named on the signs for the duration of their term.

Paxton tries to add all sorts of mitigating language in the 2nd paragraph to make this smackdown sound more palatable to state Republicans in all likelihood. I find that both hilarious and sad. I especially like the stipulation mentioned in the last sentence, which looks an awful lot like the preparations for a future defense of having been so proud of the Decider in Chief back in the "two thousands otts": "Hey, don't look at us, we put every homestate prez's name on the welcome signs!"

Maybe they should change it to "Proud Home of the Saying: 'Fool me once...'"

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