Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Matthews uncorks

Chris Matthews is a real character to watch. His show is one of the tried and true examples of the new "Newspeak" form of media on cable TV; it seems like he and his guests are regularly guilty of some of the worst offenses when it comes to "conventional wisdom" absurdities (what Atrios calls "high Broderism") and dissemination of rightwing talking points as "news," but Matthews has a memory and intellect big enough that, to borrow an idiom from The Matrix, "he keeps trying to wake up."

Every once in a while, it will occur to him that what his guest is telling him doesn't make sense with fact X that another guest told him.... and come to think of it, fact X really is just a euphemism for fact Y that was debunked long ago... and while we're here, ya know fact Y really implies philosophy Z, which you can't believe if you also believe in tenet A which every American believes... and suddenly Matthews does a big dramatic "BURRRR....BURRR....DOES NOT COMPUTE" moment on some poor protofascist who came onto his show thinking he could add another level of nonsensical rightwing code to Matthews' long ago hacked program.

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