Thursday, April 16, 2009

an interesting turn of events in Texas

Texas' current governor Rick Perry is in trouble. His approval ratings are in the toilet, he's closely linked to Bush, he's had myriad failures in dealing with the legislature, and popular Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (the one who probably should have been John McCain's running mate) is seriously mulling a bid for the governor's mansion. In every poll showing a head-to-head matchup, she cleans his clock.

So it appears the teabagging protests have provided "Governor Goodhair" a unique opportunity. He's trying to make deep inroads into Texas' "fringe wacko" demographic to combat Hutchison's lock on "moderate" (relatively speaking) Republicans.

So at what point are we allowed to say that Rick Perry hates America?

As an aside, now that we're talking about returning America to the 1860's, anyone have any bets on whether Ron "The Pirate King" Paul will jump on this bandwagon? Or will he make an end run around it by advocating a return to the Articles of Confederation?


TioChuy said...

Kinky is going to run again this time under the Democrat banner. If Perry wins, will that make you the enemy?

el ranchero said...

What do you mean? As in, would I support Perry in a matchup vs. Kinky Friedman? If that's your question, definitely not. I don't care for Friedman, it's true, but Perry's just awful. Besides, I'm a Democrat. I only vote for sensible, serious, moderate Republicans, and even then only vs. incompetent/corrupt Democrats.

Seeing as that type of Republican does not exist in Texas or Indiana, I haven't had occasion to cross the aisle in a long time.

Honestly, I don't see Kinky making much of a dent against Hutchison, should she win. He could perhaps beat Perry, though.

TioChuy said...

No, I mean if we become the United State of Texas.

el ranchero said...

Heh, actually I would just wait until Appomattox II.

And what is this "we" shit? Didn't you take some sort of oath when you were in the service?

TioChuy said...

I dun been discharged from them thar United States military, Ays with the sesesh now.