Tuesday, April 28, 2009

it's like they're trying to kill us

Let's not forget two things:

1. The Republicans had $900 million for pandemic flu preparedness stripped from the Stimulus Bill, arguing specifically that it had no connection to the economy. The stock market this week has already tanked because of fears associated with swine flu. Nevermind how much better prepared we'd be had that money been allocated.

In their defense, as RNC chairman Michael Steele so persuasively puts it, had they known a pandemic flu was on the horizon, they might have voted for pandemic flu preparedness:

2. Flu vaccination and medical matters are handled by the Dept. of Health and Human Services. Now would be a great time for an HHS Secretary to take point on the swine flu outbreak, right? Nope, sorry. Not that the Administration is dragging its feet: President Obama nominated Kathleen Sebelius weeks ago. She's still not on the job, though, because the Republicans have been blocking her confirmation.

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