Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ron Paul wants us to issue letters of marque

This is the genius that set all those conservative technocratic hearts all aflutter. Idiot.


cxx_guy said...

The rewards of capturing pirates under Letters of Marque might not be limited to the assets of said pirates. It could well be that either the government or the shipping companies would sweeten the pot by adding rewards.

It could also be that the shipping companies would accept letters of Marque, which would allow them to keep and bear arms on the sea, and use those arms to defend themselves. Merchant ships without letters of mark are forbidden even small arms with which to defend themselves.

You might want to understand *before* you smite.

cxx_guy said...

of course 'without letters of mark' should have been 'without letters of marque'

el ranchero said...

This is still the *dumbest* idea I've ever heard. Trust me, I understand it (and that makes one of us, apparently). It's just more half-baked libertarian b.s.