Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fox and Friends: "soldier is hard to spell, because there's no D in it"

Where do they find these people? There's video on Crooks and Liars of a clip of Fox and Friends discussing a teacher who argues that English spelling is too hard for many students. FOX, which has never found an anti-feminist stereotype it didn't love, has found a blonde woman to anchor the show so horrifically stupid that, within the same segment, she says:
It [spelling "soldier"] is too hard because of the "d." There's no "d" in it."

Yeah, you could use a dictionary, but here's the thing: do they even sell hardcore dictionaries anymore?

In case you were wondering, a "hardcore" dictionary is a bound paper one, as opposed to an online dictionary which, apparently, is utterly useless for checking spelling.

But don't worry, people, one of the dudes tries to out-ditz the blonde:
People have been speaking English for thousands of years!

Mr. Stewart... Mr. Stewart, you are being paged...

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TioChuy said...

You shouldn't be so rough on them. With a Spanish accent soldier sounds like "solyer" Also people have been speaking English at least since our forefathers landed in this country like a thousand years ago so at least they were close.