Tuesday, June 03, 2008

guest post:A moment of positivity

You're so negative Derek. :)

Here's what the real story is tonight:

Over the course of this campaign Barak Obama has proven himself to be several things:

-Politically ruthless
-A tough negotiator

and most of all


The man can just jack up a crowd. Last night I was up at 11:00 yelling my head off at the TV because the little Penguins had just flat out stolen the Stanley Cup from the hated Red Wings. Loved that. Tonight I was up at 9:00, cheering at the TV again - only this time because the world was hearing the Barak Obama that I've grown to admire and respect over the last several months.

No one will argue that the coming contest between he and McCain is going to be contentious, tightly fought, and ideologically weird. Demographics, swing states, issues, and gaffes will all be unpredictable and will all yield surprising skews one way or the other. But with all of the uncertainty in the air, if Obama continues to present himself with this much eloquence, charisma, and political prowess he's going to win and he's going to win big.

The coming debates are going to be great to watch. Given the last few election results I personally have a pretty high level of disdain for the American voting public, (and it is entirely possible that we'll screw this one up too) but for now lets sit back and enjoy the fact that our window may just be cracking open one more time.

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el ranchero said...

I think this looks good so far, I have to admit. I've heard more than one person I consider knowledgeable say that current polls for McCain are probably as good as they're ever going to get, and he's likely in for a fall now that Obama will be able to shore up Democratic support. Expect a bump from Democrats 2-3 weeks after Clinton concedes that never goes away (barring game-changing events, of course).

On a more Barack-centric note, it's hard to imagine witnessing a moment like this and not ultimately voting to be a part of it.