Monday, June 16, 2008

going green by recycling old ideas

From Rick Newman @ US News and World Report:
More and more cars come with this kind of interior flexibility, which allows many families to drop down one size category and still get the same practicality. Most appealing are a dozen or so crossovers, like the Saturn Outlook, Toyota Highlander, and Mazda CX-9, that can haul nearly as many people as a minivan or big SUV, but in a tidier package.

That's because, once again, they're station wagons! Am I really the only person noticing this? Did Sap replace my vitamins with crazy pills?

Let's go over this again. Here are the station wagons crossover SUVs noted in this article. The Saturn Outlook:

The Toyota Highlander:

And the Mazda CX-9:

Now let's take one more look at the control group:

No resemblance? Really?

Look, station wagons were fine cars, I've got nothing agin' 'em, but let's stop kidding ourselves. If you really need to call your station wagon something else to feel better about the size of your tailpipe, methinks the car isn't the problem.


m.crosier said...

Am I misremembering, or didn't you post on this topic before... I think this cross-over thing is really getting to you big D! :)

el ranchero said...

Yeah, admittedly I have posted on it before. It's just a strange phenomenon to me.