Tuesday, June 24, 2008

shut up about Hillary

I wish the talking/writing heads would quit it with the debate over whether Hillary supporters will join with Obama. It really sucks when your candidate loses a contentious race, especially when significant chunks of the media are openly gleeful about it, and more especially when they're gleeful because they despise you and your demographic, as we college-age liberal Deaniacs found out 4 years ago. The Clintonistas are going to need a little time to get past it just as we did.

Rehashing and justifying all the reasons why Clintonistas think they got screwed by the media/the party/Republicans/"them" doesn't do anything but delay the decomposition of sour grapes. Yes, we know that the media didn't treat Clinton fairly (at least between the inevitability period of 2007 and the Saturday Night Live sketch in February or March); are there any Clinton supporters alive who didn't already know that our national discourse in misogynist (that's not to say, of course, that it isn't also racist)? "Dean screwed us out of Florida and Michigan," on the other hand, is not even a rational argument and whenever a Clintonista apologist writes about it as if it is, it just makes them look like they're nursing a grudge as well.

Conversely, writing big articles about how they'll get over it and fall in line (even if true) is also not helpful. It sounds patronizing. Just let them grieve, for God's sake.

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