Sunday, June 08, 2008

Guest post: a subtle stroke in a genius campaign

So this video went up recently, and it's got tons and tons of gold in it.

First off, it's Obama speaking in an unscripted manner. There are no teleprompters, there was no speech prepared.

Second, its a clear and candid look at how Obama deals with a staff. One can watch this little talk and clearly picture him having these same conversations with colleagues in his cabinet or with fellow democrats in congress.

Third, it's a very human side of him. He's confident but still funny. He's motivational, but not in a broad sweeping way - more in a serious, intimate way. He's a real guy, but also potentially a really important guy.

The foresight to record this conversation is genius. The decision to post it to the internet is both genius and courageous. McCain can't post vids like this, and all the money in the world won't change that little fact.

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el ranchero said...

It's absolutely inspiring. I want a guy like this to be president.