Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cut their balls off. Humanely.

I'm getting more and more creeped out by new Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. First the news that he claims he has performed exorcisms and his belief that the Protestant rejection of Catholic authority "leads to anarchy and heresy." Now this, from The Advocate (Baton Rouge):
Characterizing sex offenders as monsters, Gov. Bobby Jindal signed legislation Wednesday that would force convicted rapists and others to undergo chemical castration.

“I am glad we have taken such strong measures in Louisiana to put a stop to these monsters’ brutal acts,” the governor said in a prepared statement.

I don't care if this can be done via drugs instead of a scalpel. How on earth does disfigurement and sterilization not qualify as cruel and unusual punishment?

Then again, I guess it's all relative. Is it that much less cruel and unusual to put someone to death? Or for that matter, to condemn them to being repeatedly anally raped?

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