Tuesday, June 10, 2008


One of FOX News' blogger talking heads tries to make fun of Barack Obama. From Media Matters:
MacCALLUM: And Barack Obama, taking a break from the campaign trail over the weekend. He played a little bit of golf, we're told, he took Michelle out for dinner, and helped his 7-year-old daughter's slumber party, which is always a sleepless night for any parent that's been through that. But one weekend activity is getting some buzz on the blogs.

Griff Jenkins is a blogger at Griffnotes.com and a Fox News correspondent. What? Put the picture back up again, you guys.


MacCALLUM: What's wrong with -- what's wrong with him? He's going for a ride on his bike.

JENKINS: Well, here's what no one's said yet, and Anita just asked me: Where is he going? And I was thinking, maybe to get a pocket protector for his nerd pencils. What is that?

Now, take a look at this choad. Seriously, this guy tried to clown Barack:

Dude, give it a rest. We all know that if you and Barack were in school together, you would be the one constantly approaching him during lunch and between classes, being all, "Hey, there's my man, B-Rock! What's up, dawg?" and giving him awkward daps terrorist fist jabs in the hopes that his presence will make you cool enough to ward off the jocks who spent the last week flushing your head in the toilet.

Calling the coolest guy to hit the political scene since Kennedy a nerd just makes you look jealous and petty. Why don't you just go back to your World of Warcraft guild forum and leave the politics to the adults.

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