Sunday, October 16, 2005

Wow, what a weekend!

Holy cow, did anyone else watch that USC/Notre Dame game? As bitter as the defeat was, man did we give them a scare or what? For those of you who didn't watch, the Irish was ahead until the final seconds of the game after keeping Leinart's passing game in check (we didn't do half bad holding Bush and White back, too), picking him twice (something that hasn't happened to Matt Leinart in several years), returning a punt for a TD, and playing super-smart offense. In fact, we played so well against "the no. 1 team in the country" that the AP poll didn't even knock us down any ranks for losing. Notre Dame: #9, baby!

Speaking of rankings, how 'bout them Red Raiders? In the top 10 for the first time since 1977! Welcome to the big time, Tech! Of course, on a sadder note, they're almost certainly gonna lose next week vs. the Longhorns, but the rest of the season is theirs to lose. Tech can beat OU and A&M this year, and if they do so without choking against any of the Big 12 doormats left on their schedule, then they stand a chance at scoring a serious bowl game this year (BCS, anyone?).

What I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around at this point in time is that Tech is poised to have a 1-loss season, while ND is #9 and unlikely to lose any more games. Tech and ND are side-by-side in the polls. Could there possibly be... a bowl game... between Texas Tech and Notre Dame?


TioChuy said...

I did catch the USC/ND game, the sounds wasn't on though. (I was at the Spoon) What was the call that gave the time back to USC? Anyway we had a great game too Dwayne Slay made a couple of hits you could hear throughout the stadium, one on the quarterback that was awesome. I don't know if we are ready for Texas but I know that they won't be treating us like the doormat everyone took us for for so long, heaven help them if they do...

El Ranchero said...

The call was that Leinart, while trying to sneak to the goal line, fumbled the ball, but the ball went out of bounds before the clock ran out. The clock guy didn't see the line judge calling the out of bounds and let the clock run out. It was a good call, actually, but Pete Carroll (USC coach) opted out of instant replay so the fans couldn't see the footage that showed it. The USC score was legit, if heartbreaking.

No doubt about Tech not being treated like a doormat; if the Big 12 weren't split it would probably be a Tech/Texas Big 12 title game. I'm sure Brown watched that K-state game, and he knows that if he can't bottle up the pass then they're doomed. Of course, Texas is pretty good at that (look at the Ohio State game) so it doesn't look good for Tech, but if anyone's gonna beat the Longhorns this season, it'll be them. Texas is gonna take this game VERY seriously, probably moreso than their A&M game.