Friday, October 07, 2005

9/11? bin Laden? Terrorists? Welfare Queens? Uhh, Social Security? Anyone listening?

Check out the latest CBS news poll. It's beautiful, really. One can almost sense the general American sentiment, "wait a sec, hold on... I'll be damned; he really is out to lunch!" Kos is claiming that he was right in his theory that the nomination of Harriet Miers alienated enough of his base to help him break through that 39% floor he's been lying on for the last couple of months (it hurts W worse to alienate conservatives because they're the only ones who are still convinced he's even literate, let alone competent). I'll just show the first question to give you a sense of how the whole survey went (and yes, the whole survey looks like this):
Right direction
Now- 26%
9/2005- 31%
5/2004- 30%
3/2003- 52%
11/1994- 30%

Wrong track
Now- 69%
9/2005- 63%
5/2004- 65%
3/2003- 41%
11/1994- 65%

That there November '94 stat is significant, of course, because that month saw a midterm election in which the Republicans gained 52 seats (thereby winning the House).

Democrats only have to win 17 to regain control.

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