Sunday, October 30, 2005


Some bizarre Big 12 action yesterday. What the hell happened to Tech? No TD's until the 3rd quarter? And Texas being down most of the game against OK State? I have to admit I didn't think either of those were gonna be games. I imagine Texas is gonna lose their no. 1 BCS place, but no worries: either way, they go to the Rose Bowl. And besides, we still got to look forward to a Nebraska/Oklahoma game that got the least hype and publicity in decades (the last time they were both unranked during that game, Kennedy was in the oval office).

On one final note, it sucks to be Georgia. I'm not a fan of the Bulldogs (you can't be and still be a Crimson Tide fan) but that loss yesterday to Florida shouldn't have happened. I can feel for teams that lose their starting quarterback halfway through the season, because unless your no. 2 is much better than your starter (which is almost never the case), it's still gonna screw up your whole offense's rhythm. Even if Shockley's ok to come back next week or the week after, it'll be too late to save their unbeaten season, and that sucks.

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TioChuy said...

I didn't know you were a Tide fan. I've loved them ever since I lived in Alabama, the Auburn game there caused as much of a stir as the OU/Texas game here. Go Bama, Roll Tide!!!!