Saturday, October 08, 2005

Vengeance won and vengeance lost

Very satisfying football today, I have to say. All the right teams lost today in the Big 12, and ND had a bye this week, to get some extra practice in before the big game against USC. They're gonna need it.

First, vengeance won. It was served up well chilled and in abundance at the Cotton Bowl today as Texas massacred the Sooners 45-12. Young was fantabulous (14/27 for 241 yards, 3 TDs, and that's right, no picks) and OK, well, sucked about as much as I was hoping they would. They spent the entire game behind, and didn't make a single play over 9 yards until the 4th quarter. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: OK is nothing, nothing, without Adrian Peterson.

Quick side note: everyone's saying that Texas' only other challenge this season gonna come from... A&M? WTF? Why are people giving the Aggies so much credit, a team who, by the way, got their asses handed to them today by Colorado?

Now for the flip side. All you Tech fans (myself included) had quite the scare today. The Red Raiders had to go to Lincoln to face a Nebraska team that was both better than last year's team, and hellbent on revenge for being handed a 70-10 loss last season (their worst defeat in school history). And they would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for that darned Filani!

Seriously, though, this game yielded a quote that, as a Tech fan, just warms my heart. This was from Nebraska linebacker Bo Ruud (c/o Yahoo! sports): ``We've been wanting these guys since last year,'' said Ruud, who played on special teams during last year's 60-point loss to the Raiders. ``This is a team we've been dying to get after. We let it slip.'' Let it slip, heh, yeah 5 turnovers will do that, jerkoff! I had to listen to this game on Nebraska internet radio (it was all I could find) and it felt great listening to the utterly crestfallen tone of that irritating Cornhusker commentator after Hodges hammered in that last coffin nail.

The Cornhuskers won't be calling the Tech game on their schedule a gimme for a long time.

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