Friday, October 28, 2005

The only thing that comes from Texas is steers and queers...

Looks like Saturday is not going to be all that interesting for most of us. ND is on a bye, Texas and Tech both play far inferior teams (OK State and Baylor, respectively) and no one else up in the rankings is up for a real challenge except Georgia (they play Florida, but even that doesn't look all that challenging, unless Shockley is still injured...). Virginia Tech already finished waylaying BC, so that's done. Oh well, the Tech game should be cathartic, at least. Besides, ya never know, we haven't seen many upsets lately...

By the way, in slightly more politically relevant news, Tech's superstar women's basketball player, Brownfield native, our own hometown hero Sheryl Swoopes... drumroll please!... is gay. Says Swoopes of her decision to come out: "I'm at a place in my life right now where I'm very happy, very content. I'm finally OK with the idea of who I love, who I want to be with." And she would like to one day be able to marry her partner of 7+ years.

Is she evil now? Does she not deserve hospital visitation rights for her partner, or inheritance rights, or a say in her partner's medical decisions?

Oh yeah, so is Sulu.

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