Thursday, October 06, 2005

Iraq + Terror= ?

I bet you can't guess what was invoked in the speech regarding Iraq today? Is this for real? Do people still really buy this @#$%? How did Bin Laden become a part of this? Is this 1930's Germany? Am I being propagandized? I really am not looking forward to getting any closer to 30 but I can't wait till 08'.

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El Ranchero said...

In order of questions asked:
9/11 and bin Laden. yes. Apparently not, thank God. Anytime there's a need to divert the attention of the American people from his incompetence, W will be there dangling his little OBL punching bag. Only if you replace "W" with "Hitler" and "terrorists/liberals/the media/islamic fundamentalists/democrats/Hollywood" with "Jews"; after that, yeah pretty much. Most definitely, and W has, in fact, already been caught breaking covert propaganda laws.

Hell, I'm just waiting until '06!