Monday, October 24, 2005

football (well, good for some I guess)

So it didn't go so well for Tech last Saturday. It's a bummer, but I have to say, I don't think there's any disgrace in losing to this year's Longhorns. Besides, it's Tech's first loss, and by far their toughest game, so there's a chance of them having a 1 loss season (which would be awesome, in my opinion). There will be no Big 12 championship game for them, but another decent bowl game lies on the horizon, should they not choke again.

On the brighter side, it was also a very bad day for Mormons, as BYU got beat down by a bunch o' dirty Catholics at Notre Dame stadium. It looked a tad bit worrisome in the 3rd, but the offense kicked into high gear (coupled with a pick run back for another TD) and it was over, to the tune of 49-23. ND's QB, Brady Quinn (next year's Heisman winner), passed for 6 TDs, a Notre Dame record (it's odd how similar my teams are looking this year).

In other news, the Sox are up 2-0 and the Colts continue to be unbeaten. Go ... midwestern-type-people!


TioChuy said...

Yeah so we lost to Texas and they stayed #2 right, no they moved up to #1 I think that says something if anything good can be said about that game. Of course us moving down 10 spots I think is a little harsh. Anyway now that thats over I can go back to hoping they get a chance to whip the shit out of USC, hey a least those arrogant bastards are Texan arrogant bastards.

jenny said...

the problem wasn't losing to texas. the problem was that tech didn't even show up! seriously, they played the first quarter and then starting acting like those teams they had been whippin' up to this point this season! (the ones we've all been refering to as high school football teams.) yes, i still think tech is having a wonderful season. and i really think we can kick some butt in the big 12, but that game was awful. to quote my father "the worst thing that could have happened did... tech played terrible on national television".