Friday, January 18, 2008

Super Bowl to be tainted with FOX News election coverage

GODDAMNIT! From the NY Observer:
On Feb. 3, a k a Super Bowl Sunday, in an original News Corp. smorgasbord, reporters from FOX News will be teaming up with reporters from FOX owned and operated stations from around the country for a three hour broadcast event, focusing on—USA! USA!—presidential politics and professional football.

Shepard Smith, of FOX News, will headline the production from Glendale, Ariz., the site of this year’s Super Bowl. FOX News anchor (and Cincinnati Bengals fanatic) Bill Hemmer will contribute from New York, along with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

As the anchors toggle back and forth between discussion of the Super Bowl and Super Tuesday, they will chew over political dispatches from FOX Broadcasting reporters from around the country.

As an added bonus, we'll also be getting regular interruptions to our frakin' Super Bowl coverage so FOX News' Carl Cameron, America's prissiest hyperconservative, can wax poetic about the musky manliness of John McCain. We can expect some serious FOX News-style journalistic integrity, as well, seeing as this is the guy who covered the cretin from Crawford on the campaign trail while his wife was working in W's campaign.

I mean, Goddamnit! We've already had to deal with Dennis Miller and Rush f**king Limbaugh belching their bile all over NFL broadcasts, and despite how spectacularly both of those clowns crashed and burned, we now have to endure FOX News? Are you kidding me? Yeah, sure NBC put Keith Olbermann on Sunday night football, but a) KO doesn't talk politics in his football segment, and b) his journalistic work has been primarily as a sportscaster with ESPN and, coincidentally, FOX Sports.

It's possible, too, that injecting politics into the Super Bowl could backfire spectacularly considering that many people watch sports to take their minds off the "real world" and I'm willing to bet that most Americans do not think sportscasts are an appropriate place to talk politics.

Why do Republicans have this urge to mix their politics into our football? And more importantly, can the TiVo at Chez O'Zee save us from this monstrosity?

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