Monday, January 07, 2008

correction: impending BLOWOUT in South Carolina

Oh my God. From Kos:
SUSA and Rasmussen give us the first polls of South Carolina in 2008.

SurveyUSA. 1/4-6. Likely Democratic Primary voters. MoE 4.2% (12/17-18 results)
Obama 50 (39)
Clinton 30 (41)
Edwards 16 (17)

Rasmussen. 1/6. Likely Democratic primary voters. MoE 4% (12/16 results)
Obama 42 (33)
Clinton 30 (33)
Edwards 14 (17)

According to SUSA:
There is across-the board movement away from Clinton to Obama. Among women: Clinton had led by 17 points, now trails by 14 points. Among blacks, Obama had led by 20 points, now leads by 46. Among white voters, Obama had been 3rd, is now 2nd, tied with Edwards, the two of them 9 and 10 points back of Clinton. Among Moderates, Obama was tied, now leads by 23. Among voters age 65+, Clinton had been at 61% a month ago, 40% today. In the Low Country, Clinton had led by 13, now trails by 16. Upstate, Obama had been tied, now trails by 16. In the Midlands, Obama had led by 5, now leads by 26. South Carolina Democrats name the Economy as the issue the next President should focus on ahead of all others. Among voters focused on the Economy, Obama leads Clinton 2:1. Among voters focused on Health Care, Clinton leads Obama 41% to 37%.

And Clinton still has the Obama post-NH blowout bounce to look forward to.

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