Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Clinton takes NH

Well, I feel better having blown it knowing that EVERYONE blew this one. It looks like one of two things (or perhaps both) happened:

1. pollsters noted that they underestimated Obama's performance in Iowa and dramatically overcompensated.

2. something happened today to shift the vote some 10 percentage points.

Maybe Hillary's moment of letting her guard down affected a lot of people, as well as the press' (and John Edwards') callous and misogynistic treatment of Hillary's momentary vulnerability, the revelation that Chris Matthews and the high school popularity police are going to shove her into crass gender stereotypes no matter what she does, alternating between calling her a weakling who throws a tantrum when she loses, a manipulative charlatan who intentionally turns on the waterworks to make people feel sorry for her, and a ball-busting bitch.

I can sympathize; it pissed me off, too.

I wish Obama had won this one, but in all honesty it is nice to see voters openly reject that shit. The one thing that really galls me, though, is that this probably means unionbuster Mark Penn lives on.

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