Thursday, January 31, 2008

Si, se puede

Some of you may already have noticed the endorsement button on the right. I always leaned Obama but never totally committed to him and not Edwards. Yesterday John saved me the trouble of having to choose between them.

Now, if only Edwards would throw his support over Barack's way before all his supporters go elsewhere. I will point out my long Edwards prediction, wherein I said:
He's going to place 3rd in NH, but it's in SC and NV where the Edwards campaign will suffer back-breaking losses. Those are his "last stand" states. He may stick around until super duper Tuesday, though it would only be to spite Obama, and I don't think he'll do that for reasons below.

...Chances are that whomever he throws his support to will gain enough support to run the table on the other candidate, and I think it's more than a little significant that his Iowa Caucus night speech began with him saying that "the status quo lost and change won." He could lay the death knell to the Clinton campaign with an endorsement of Obama just before Super Duper Tuesday, after he loses his firewall states.

It didn't sound like he was planning to endorse anytime soon, but his 62 delegates and influence over his supporters are depreciating in value by the day. Chances are he won't get many more delegates, and chances are his paltry number won't be enough for him to play kingmaker in a brokered convention.

The moment of maximum impact is now.

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