Friday, July 18, 2008

not done with the Emmys, or David Caruso got robbed!

I keep thinking about all the shows got very love from the Emmy crowd, or none at all, because my opinions on current TV run directly against the conventional wisdom: I think TV right now may be better than it's ever been. The decision of HBO, Showtime, and basic cable channels to delve into the realm of quality programming, combined with some great network TV, has brought us an embarrassment of riches (or should I say Riches!), not only in the popular genres of crime drama and dramedy but also in more "niche" areas like sci-fi and period pieces. For instance, I think Battlestar Galactica might be the best sci-fi show ever, just as I'm pretty sure that The Wire is the best crime drama ever (and if it isn't, Dexter is for sure). And I'd put The Office or The Daily Show up against Seinfeld any day. What others?:

(Elizabeth Perkins should have won Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series outright)
30 Rock
Burn Notice
How I Met Your Mother
(how does Neil Patrick Harris not win Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series every year?)
Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Friday Night Lights
Pushing Daisies
John Adams
Boston Legal
The Colbert Report
Flight of the Concords

And I didn't even include Big Love, The Tudors, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Tin Man, or Damages because I haven't seen them!

When, then, do the Emmys have any room at all for the likes of The New Adventures of Old Christine or According to Jim?


Cole said...

Great post, but the sad truth is David Caruso just doesn´t DESERVE an EMMY !

samantha said...

That previous comment from the TJ Trickster, means so much. NOT!!

Sara said...

"Cole" is a pseudonym used by David Caruso's real life stalker. Check your traffic stats for yesterday. You will have an entry from Tijuana, Mexico I.P. Address And as soon as she reads this post, she'll be back to post another negative comment. Just know that your Tijuana hits are coming from her.

"Cole" is Heidi Schnitzer, the fugitive Austrian who is hiding out in Tijuana, Mexico where she fled to avoid prosecution on charges she stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso, his daughter Greta and Liza Marquez. For photos of this woman and more info, please visit:

Anonymous said...

That previous comment from Samantha and the resident nutcase, sarakanne, mean so much. NOT!!

m.crosier said...

Now why can't I find the time to watch that much tv... :)

el ranchero said...

Wow, I skip watching the blog for one weekend, and I'm infested with sock puppets and the sarcasm challenged!

Mind you, Matt, I don't watch all those shows regularly. We watch a lot of these shows online or on Netflix.