Thursday, July 24, 2008

a lesson about judging books by covers

Due to some issues with the manufacturer, we had to take our electric lawnmower to a Mennonite repairman out in the sticks outside of Osceola. He had the whole 19th century clothes and Abe Lincoln beard thing going on, and his workshop had a carriage outside of it. It smelled of lavender and horse manure (the workshop, not the carriage. Well, probably the carriage, too, if it had sat out there long enough, but you know what I mean).

Just got our mower back. Works better than it ever did. Go figure.

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sap said...

But you forgot my two favorite parts!

First, the giant fresh horse apple I just barely dodged the first time we were there (would not be a favorite if I hadn't dodged it, but now it adds color to the story).

Second, and even better, is that the lawnmower was still under warranty and the lovely, lovely Menonite man didn't even charge us a thing for labor, so the machine was fixed for free!!

Woohoo!! No more aching shoulders from the reel mower for me!!