Thursday, July 17, 2008

Emmy nominations

First off, the fact that Flight of the Concords have two songs nominated for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics is beautiful ("The Most Beautiful Girl (in the room)" and "Inner City Pressure"). The third song in that category?:


Also, the *outstanding* series Pushing Daisies got a lot of love this year, including Lee Pace getting a best comedy actor nomination and Kristen Chenowith for supporting actress.

As for the most disappointing aspects of the nomination list, I still fail to understand why:

1. they keep insisting on giving nominations to 2 and a Half Douchebags. Lots of them. Every damn year. Aside from issues of crusty formula and 1970's era misogyny, why the hell does Charlie Sheen get an Emmy for playing Charlie Sheen?

2. After ending its 5 year run this season, the best cop show ever shot, The Wire, received exactly 1 nomination, for writing. That brings its grand total to two emmy nominations. 2 and a Half Men got 7 this year alone. For God's sake, even Medium and NCIS got one nomination this year!

Also, Justin Kirk (Andy Botwin, Weeds) got robbed.

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