Thursday, July 24, 2008

getting hitched: and so it begins...

Anyone out there feeling a bit randy?

Just buy a wedding cake. There's no more reliable way to get screwed.

Except, perhaps, to buy anything else remotely associated with a wedding. $42.50 a head for catering? For buffet-style self service? $175 for a f**king bridal bouquet? Seriously?

You can try to pry $175 out of my cold, dead hands!


Anonymous said...

That's bullshit. I say potluck all the way. Or, failing that, a giant tower of cupcakes.


This wedding veteran who tried to pinch pennies in most of the right places, but a couple of the very wrong says spend your money on these three areas:
1. Photography
2. Location
3. Booze (beer and wine only)

Everything else can be done creatively and much more inexpensively than what those dickwads are telling you.

Rene said...

first off congrats! Its about damn time eh?

also, I totally agree with grims.

As you would know, Guin and I did the museum thing, which ended up being both cheap and cool. But the fact remains - don't don't don't compromise on location.

Also, remember that it's your day, so you can do whatever the hell you want. I had a keg of Shiner even though 90% of my friends and family are kers latt drinkin folk (or worse). Go take the reigns and have fun!

sap said...

Not to worry, traditional wedding cake is out. Out, out, out. We'll take tasty over artificially elegant and price inflated any day.

Reception sites are being vetted, though all the nicest ones make my penny-pinching heart skip a beat (or twelve). Seriously, what is wrong with people that anything with "wedding" or "bridal" attached means an automatic 50% markup? Ugh.

Most likely the availability factor will make the decision- apparently we're nuts for only giving ourselves 9 months to plan. Which must make the O'Zees double nuts. :)

Oh, and thank you for the well wishes, Rene, and to you both for the advice!

Zee said...

Yay for Grims' advice! Like I said, a truffle-making day may not be out of the question...

Oh, and my bouquet was $100. Still ridiculous, but less trouble than prying the money out of El Ranchero's cold dead hands. Then there's Grims who, as I recall, had family go out wild-flower picking the day of the wedding. Cost-efficient and, although I wasn't there, certainly breathtakingly gorgeous.

The bargain-hunting stuff takes time, but it's way worth it. Remember, I've got the next 5 days -- or 3 weeks (God forbid) totally free to help out!

sap said...

Your bouquet was gorgeous, Zee, as was Grims'. But flowers is one place where I'm pretty sure we can cut some corners, very talented non-professional crafty/flower arranging relatives in my family.

And be careful what you offer, Zee, you might wind up with a semi-permanent resident or new home for yourself for the next week or so! :)

m.crosier said...

Congrats, and welcome to the fun that is wedding planning... and yes, they are an expensive, expensive...

gfunk5011 said...

At the last couple of weddings I have attended the cakes were home made. The were wonderfully delicious.

The question is also : Who are you having the wedding for? (you two)

Is it worth going into debt to impress anyone in particular? (Many ppl are going for the less traditional affair)

Honestly, How many wedding have you been to? How many of them were pretty much the same?

Some things will be a necessity for the bride :). So spend your money there. And on booze ;)

oh and the only thing I regret about my own wedding was not relaxing enough to slow down and enjoy.

Find someone that you trust to handle the things that come up.

And we WIll be there. So any thing we can help with...

Big D said...

If you're doing this little party thing locally, my gf bakes cakes professionally and has done wedding cakes before.

~That other D