Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"a large share"

So I'm reading the New York Times and I come across this article on workplace bullies. Sounds interesting, as I've never really experienced that but it sounds just awful, and then I come to a graph to which the editor should have paid a little more attention:
A large share of the problem involves women victimizing women. The Zogby survey showed that 40 percent of workplace bullies are women.

According to About.com, women constitute 48% of the working population. If we're talking proportions, then, isn't it men who constitute "a large share of the problem," seeing as they comprise 52% of the overall population but 60% of the bullies?


Anonymous said...

But to be fair El Ranchero, you can prove anything with facts.

Spouse of Grimsapressburger

TioChuy said...

In my office there are 5 women (including my boss) and 2 men. Women are brutal in power! Biggest bullies ever.