Tuesday, March 04, 2008

a bizarre mental picture

TIME's blog:
This has got to be a first. Here in Austin, on the night before that make-or-break Texas primary, the Clinton campaign has set up a filing center for the traveling press corps ... in a men's room. Insert metaphor here.

UPDATE: According to the schedule, we will be here in the men's room for the next five hours. Someone will soon have to declare a moratorium on the "down the toilet" jokes.

UPDATE2: Hey, Jay: Is it true Obama has put his press corps in the Golden Door Spa tonight?

UPDATE3: There's also dinner and a television in here. I really wish I had Ana's little camera thing-ee, so I could share.

UPDATE4: CNN has a photo.

UPDATE5: A wider shot (wider stance?) from my own cellphone is posted two entries above this one. A gentleman just wandered in, expecting to use the facilities, and looked very startled to see three dozen reporters typing away on their laptops.

The second comment:
Karen Tumulty:

KT here--

They have also brought in food and a television. One of the most famous names in journalism just used the facilities, and the sound of the flush was so loud it startled everyone.

Posted by Karen Tumulty | March 3, 2008 6:53 PM

They're in a men's room. And they invited the female reporters into it, too. And one of the reporters used the bathroom... while Karen Tumulty and other women were in it... eating.

One of the commenters made me laugh, though:
Jeeze, even without the mental picture of Tim Russert doing his impersonation of a bear in the woods three feet from the mini-quiches and swedish meatballs., that's gross.

Meanwhile, the reporters assigned to John McCain's beat were invited to a BBQ and deep-tissue massage at McCain's place yesterday. Gee, I wonder who's going to be getting more positive coverage?

Great plan, Clinton campaign!

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