Friday, March 28, 2008

excitement at work, and a visit from the president

I never write about work, but I thought I'd relate two stories that aren't any way "dishing" about my job.

I'm on the email discussion list for the working group that maintains the online card catalog, and they've happened upon a maddening (for them)/amusing (for me) malfunction in the system whereby it randomly adds an exclamation point after the names of certain authors. No one can figure out how to debug it, and apparently the code creating "the punctuation issue" (also dubbed by a few people "the excited author syndrome") has existed in our catalog for several years. I kind of hope they never fix it; I get smile every time I think about looking for a book in the catalog and seeing:
Title: Heart of Darkness/ by Joseph Conrad!

Speaking of authors, the library receives lots of new books from various countries, as one can expect, and sometimes we get authors with funny names. I received this one today.

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