Monday, March 31, 2008

delegate calculator

Slate has created a nifty delegate calculator that allows you to set the percentages in all the states yet to vote and see what the delegate results would be. It effectively drives home a simple point: Clinton is so screwed. I gave her the most optimistic (bordering on delusional) of scenarios: 60-40 wins in PA, Guam, WV, KY, and Puerto Rico plus a monster 55-45 upset in IN, and held Barack back to minor 53-47 victories in NC, OR, MT, and SD, and the result?

Obama 1668-1566 Clinton.

The truth is the delegate math just doesn't change that much with different results. I put in my predictions, which I think are still a little conservative but definitely kinder to Obama, giving him 60+ victories in NC, MT, and SD, mid to high fifties in IN and OR, and all others to Clinton 55-45 and I came up with Obama 1706-1528 Clinton. The most optimistic pro-Obama prediction that still adheres to some semblance of plausibility, giving him wild 70 point blowouts in the Mountain West and 60-40 smackdowns in IN and NC, only changes the math by 10.

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