Tuesday, March 04, 2008

IN-02: Return of the Zirkle

Oh, so sweet! Tony Zirkle is back! From the South Bend Tribune:
Tony Zirkle says we should talk about segregating the United States by race. So then you work out the percent of white people and give them a certain number of states. Same for blacks. Same for Asians and other hues of humanity.

Zirkle, who’s seeking the Republican nomination for Congress’ 2nd District, believes it’s worth debating.

“I’m not going to say which side of the debate I fall on,” Zirkle told The Tribune on Monday. But he did say the idea is worth looking into — that segregation could create a new sense of community.

Zirkle is known for suggesting controversial ideas, as in 2006 when he said there should be a debate over using the guillotine to punish "porn pimps" who prey on children.

Tony Zirkle: filling potholes with the bleached skulls of deadbeat dads!

Yes, folks, apparently there's a "debate" over the topic of forcibly transplanting all the blacks out of Indiana and all the whites out of Mississippi. I hear it's getting rather heated out there. In the streets of South Bend. In the rifle ranges of Elkhart. At that nudey bar in Kokomo. In the internets. And of course, at his church, St. John the Principled Rebel Purely on the Grounds of State Sovereignty and Economic Differences. But Tony Zirkle is too thoughtful to just impulsively join either the pro- or anti-mass-forced-segregation crowd. No, Michiana's own master of the zeitgeist's gonna have to think this one through.

My favorite part of the article is where he hedges on forced segregation by questioning not the ethics of it, but the logistics:
“I don’t have enough facts to support it,” Zirkle said of his proposal, speaking with The Tribune. “I think it would need a congressional study to see if I support it. It may mean the cost of transferring people is too high.”


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grimsaburger said...

Yes, yes...what we need to do is order a congressional study of the cost-benefit variety on moving American citizens forcibly from their homes. This guy gets better every election cycle, I can hardly wait for '10!!!