Friday, September 28, 2007

quick gloat

I know it's early in the season, but I'd just like to point out one of my old NFL draft prognostications:
Again we see how useless and myopic the vast majority of professional sportscasters are. I didn't read a single one who put Young higher than no.7 (several had him going to Oakland... yuck!) and they were pretty much all in agreement that Leinart would be in the top 3. Some of the same ones are now snickering at the Texans for passing on Leinart and Bush (despite the fact that QB and RB are pretty much the only positions they don't need) so that they could pick up a DE and, ya know, maybe try to fix the worst defense in the NFL.

Reggie Bush's avg. yards/carry this season: 3.5
his avg. yards/game: 33.9
Bush is sitting right at about the league average on yards and his team is sputtering, big time. Leinart's QB average-- 62.6-- is about 20 points below average on a team that hardly looks better than it did 2 years ago. Mario Williams, however, is part of a revived defense that has "electrified" the Texans team and fanbase, according to the talking heads, to a 2-1 start in what is unquestionably the strongest division in the NFL.

I'm not saying that Leinart and Bush will never be superstars; I'm just saying that Houston made the right decision in passing on the high-dollar hotshots playing positions they already had filled, and instead start rebuilding from their weakest spot, which at the time was their D. What's happening with the team now is called dividends.

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