Saturday, September 01, 2007

eh, football... and FOOTBALL!!!

ND...blech... what can I say? Bad defense against both run and pass, receivers who couldn't break coverage, non-existent running game (do we actually have any running backs?), and the offensive line, oh lordy the offensive line. This is without question the worst Irish team I've seen since I've been paying attention to ND... and I was here in 2003 when the quarterback, Carlyle Holiday, imploded at the beginning of the season and Willingham had to bring on the true freshman (Brady Quinn). That was a terrible offensive line, but this one... wow, just wow.

In other news, how 'bout them Appalachian State Mountaineers? Check out this post from Sunday Morning QB, it's pretty funny. To be fair, they are the badasses of AA, but uh... yeah, that actually doesn't help. This brings up the earth-shaking possibility that (gasp!) I-A and I-AA... could it be... maybe aren't quite as disproportionate as we've always thought? Now I'm wondering how, say, Grand Valley State would perform against Oklahoma or Va Tech.

Or it could just be that Michigan is the only team in the country more perpetually overrated than Notre Dame. That sounds more likely, but we'll just have to see how the Wolverines do as the season plods on.

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