Thursday, September 20, 2007

bio of the prez

Every time I read another bio piece on Bush, I am striken by the jaw-dropping incompetence of the man who's "had his finger on the button" for the last 7 years. It's not just that his flaws are so egregious; it's that they're so manifest. Blumenthal paints a picture of a man with a messianic complex so gargantuan in its proportions that he's become dangerous to the very causes he champions. In his unawareness of realities around him, and in his refusal to accept other realities, he's become a virtually delusional decision-maker. He picks on his underlings and throws tantrums at them, impotently venting his frustration, while they use his bloated ego to manipulate him, his soft intellect unable to perceive their ulterior motives.

Bush's father, along with Prince Bandar, Jim Baker and a couple of others, really did install him like a child king, expecting to teach him the fundamentals while he remained completely reliant on their advice. Then one of them (Dick Cheney) decided to keep the boy-king to himself and convince him to rebel against the others, and the rest is history.

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