Friday, September 28, 2007


The degree of deification I'm still seeing for Charlie Weis on ND football sites is getting to be pretty embarrassing. The "Yet Charlie knew it would be this bad, he hath planned for it in His Wisdom which floweth down from the Mountain after the Devil, who wast hired as affirmative action to boost the image of Our Lady, bequeathed unto Him the worst team ever" shit is really getting old.

Suck it up, sheep. He's a flawed coach, and he's not at fault for our troubles merely because "he's a risk taker" or some tripe. His play calling this year has been uninspired, conservative, and predictable (except, of course, when he runs the same losing play twice in a row). Also, some of his recruiting choices, depth chart assignments, and use of his players has been suspect.

Quiz: how tall is the tallest ND starting wideout?
Answer: it's a trick question; they're both 5'10".

If all of ND's woes are Ty's fault, why is Washington so much better than Notre Dame this year?

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