Monday, February 23, 2009

why blogs are fun

In the midst of an otherwise truly painful blog comments section:
In my experience, the shamers of sexually active young women, are women of any age who think that sex is a bargaining tool and free sex is driving down the market value. Whether they be holy-rollers or whores, they think men ought to pay for sex one way or another.

This is the most thought-provoking point I've read in months. Not that it fully explains what's going on, or even is necessarily right (for instance, I think they've failed to note men among the "shamers", especially considering this thread is dominated by prudish lecturing men), but I'm fascinated by this thesis about not just the commodification of sex, but the economy of sex, especially if you add into it that both men and women of certain groups "think men ought to pay for sex one way or another," though perhaps for different reasons.

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