Monday, February 16, 2009

the bizarro press

Hysterical. Pundits and reporters rate the winners and losers of the stimulus debate and come to precisely to the opposite conclusions of the rest of the country. In the bizarro world inside your TV, Nancy Pelosi, who got everything she wanted in the House and even got to rewrite the Senate compromise, is a loser, and the Republicans, who got steamrolled in the House and ended up compromising out a bill in the Senate that, after Pelosi re-fixed it, was very close to Obama's original draft, and who spent 3 weeks telling the American people that the only real answer is cutting the capital gains tax, are the big winners! And Harry Reid, who has a 58-41 advantage and yet couldn't keep the Republicans from watering down the bill, is another big winner!

As Marshall has put it, the DC press is still hardwired for the Republicans, and thus they continue to benefit from irrationally positive press.

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