Monday, February 02, 2009


A scathing rebuke of the Republican party from Frank Rich. That party is broken, mentally spent, freshly decapitated and leaking its senior members like a sieve. The only compassionate thing for Obama to do now is avert his eyes from their sputtering and sideline them until they regain something approaching lucidity.

The voters put Dems in and 'Pubs out. They like the Democrats and Obama, they trust them, and they hate the Republicans and don't want them anywhere near power (hence why voters didn't put them anywhere near power!). Pull the trigger on Gregg and hog tie the Republicans while we take care of this problem, Roosevelt-style. They can come back after the midterms and try to put some ideas together.

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Rene said...

wow, that was a hell of an article. Its kind of what I was TRYING to write the other day. :)