Friday, February 27, 2009

more "Beavis and Butthead" antics from the GOP

Conservatives target "tattoo removal" budget item for scorn. Turns out it's actually a program from Providence Holy Cross Hospital in the San Fernando Valley for reintegrating ex gang members into society. The money is used to remove gang-themed ink on their faces, necks, and hands so they can get a job. Says a probation officer in the local police dept.'s gang unit:
“It can get the kids jobs — if you have gang tattoos, you can’t get a job,” Gold said. “This program is one of the best life-saving and life-changing programs out here. I am about as right wing a conservative as you would ever find.”

What a bankrupt party. Here we are facing some of the worst crises in a generation, and the Republicans are picking out words in the bills to snicker at like teenagers in the back of the classroom. What a useless, spent, intellectually and morally bankrupt party.

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