Wednesday, October 22, 2008

now it's official

The biggest drag on the McCain campaign: not Bush, not Iraq, not taxes. From TPM, on the new NBC/Wall St. Journal poll:
Respondents were read a list of things and were asked to pick the two that most concern them about McCain. Thirty-four percent named Palin, versus only 23% for the runner-up, which was that it seems likely he'd continue Bush's policies.

That would seem to suggest that Palin may have become a greater liability for McCain than Bush.

Separately, the poll's toplines show Obama with an expanded lead of 10 points over McCain among registered voters, 52%-42%.

I believe this is the part where the media starts referring to her as "polarizing."

I've been saying it for a while now: by the time this thing is over, John McCain will seriously regret this decision.

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Rene said...

I'll put good money up to bet that he's seriously regretting the decision already.

The list of conservative intellectuals who have denounced his campaign and have to vary extents moved over to the Obama side of the ledger have almost uniformly listed McCain's selection of Gov Palin as a primary cause of concern for them.

Also, should he actually win this thing I think he's realizing now how much of a hard time he would have containing her while in office. She's been a quick study on the Cheney interpretation of the duties of the office, and ambition looks like it's off the charts. She also differs with him on a pretty wide range of policy and strategy decisions.