Wednesday, October 15, 2008


James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute, on Sarah Palin's foreign policy as gleaned from her talking points:
"It is absolutist and Manichean. There is good ("us") and evil ("them"). "We" stand for democracy and the "spirit of freedom that is found in every human heart". Since the clash between good and evil is both desirable and inevitable, "our" role is to bring "our values" to a waiting world and defeat evil. And in this conflict, "our" victory is preordained. Compromise with evil is unthinkable and so traditional forms of diplomacy are to be rejected as a sign of weakness and surrender. (In this worldview, diplomacy means working with those who agree with us, not finding ways to bridge differences with those with whom we disagree.)

Is there anyone on the planet more dangerous than the person who believes their military victory is preordained? Is there any force more destructive than the worldview described above?


Anonymous said...


Besides that, no.

Big D said...

Wow, Manichean. Haven't heard that used in a long time and at least then it was used in better context.