Friday, October 03, 2008

Advice for all future debate moderators

Why even bother coming up with questions? From now now, just turn to each candidate and say: "Governor, 2 minutes. Go."

On a more serious note, did anyone else find Palin's brazen assertion that she would pay little attention to Gwen Ifill's questions at the beginning of the debate, and her consistent follow-through on that assertion, surprisingly disrespectful? I mean, I realize that one of the McCain campaign's tactics (and a baffling one, at that) is to demonize and sneer at "the media," but don't we still expect Republicans to, I dunno, at least pay lip service to the rules?


Rene said...

Its a reason that I really did like the initial debate format between obama and mccain. I really wish that they had expanded each segment to 15 minutes instead of 10.

In the crosstalk format, you can let the opposing candidate worry about nailing the other for straying off topic, which is good for the debates imo. Probably also a reason that McCain wouldn't agree to such a thing.

TioChuy said...

It was a mistake on whoever prepped Palin's part. Ifill was already against the rope and had to be overly cautious with her so as not to appear biased as was thought she might be. But, I think like a lot of Palin's other comments it was canned. I imagine her little quips were written in bold print in her notes somewhere and she just had to wait for the opportunity to use them. Did you catch the little Reagan throw back? "There you go again..." Her team obviously spent more time getting her ready to appeal to whoever the hell Joe Sixpack is than on substance. I think both sides appealed to their base but I don't think any swing voters got anything out of this debate.