Tuesday, October 21, 2008

it can't be

I absolutely cannot believe that God loves us this much. SurveyUSA, the most reliable pollster in the biz, on the Kentucky Senate race between Senate Minority Leader and serial filibuster-meister Mitch McConnell and Democrat Bruce Lunsford:
McConnell (R): 48
Lunsford (D): 48

That's not far from the other polls of this race.


Rene said...

Obama's coattails will be long this year. In fact they are so long that some republicans are tying themselves to him in their ads as well.

McCain on the other hand, has alienated the intellectuals in his party, isolated himself from the center, and really painted himself into a corner. He's not helping anybody down-ticket.

Anonymous said...

As a Kentuckian and a husband of one, I still have faith in my fellow Bluegrassers to vote for Mr. Deregulation and keep the Commonwealth in the dark for 6 more years! Yeah Kentucky! Celebrating Creationism for over 200 years!

Spouse of Grimsaburger